Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian president.

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Plateau, Chief Alex Mwolwus, said Ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo’s counsel to President Muhammadu Buhari in a letter was “best for Nigeria’s democracy.’’

He told newsmen in Pankshin on Wednesday that it was pleasing that the former president, who supported Buhari to come to power, had spoken on the President’s leadership style.

In the letter on Tuesday, Obasanjo advised Buhari not to go for a second term, but should rest after his four-year tenure, considering his health and other factors not in his favour.

“Any leader of repute, especially patriotic democrats, should support what Obasanjo has finally come out to tell Buhari about the present political and socio-economic dynamics of the nation.

“The letter on the happenings in the country has vindicated some of us that have been calling for pragmatic actions to address the many wrongs in the society, ’’ he said.

But, in their reaction, some members of the House of Representatives said that the former president lacked the moral standing to issue the letter.

Though Obasanjo had the right to air his views on national issues, the way he went about it in this instance was improper.

According to Rep. Kingsley Chinda (Rivers-PDP), I don’t think this position should come from Obasanjo.

He said, “Obasanjo has had his own fair opportunity as a military leader and a civilian president for eight years, what changes did he make.

“Somebody who has been there and wanted a third term without even going through constitutional method, what morality do you have to begin to play the role of a champion to Nigerians.’’

The lawmaker, however, urged Buhari to have a rethink over calls by his supporters to seek re-election in 2019.

“Life should take precedence over public office or any other activity because if you are not alive you cannot serve the people.

“It is clear that the president has some health issues but by the grace of God he is getting better but I think that he deserves some rest,’’ Chinda said.

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On the call for a Coalition, he said that what was more important was that Nigerians voted credible individuals based on performance.

“What is best administered is best for this country; it is not about political party but about the person.

“Before now Nigerians actually wanted a change and power was moved to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and some of us said that it is the same coin with two faces.

“It is not the party that is the problem with our country, so I don’t agree with what the former president said.

“If you come up with a third force who are the persons behind the force? Who you entrust public governance to is what matters.

“Nigerians should vote individuals; they should look at the persons, their background, credentials and then give them the opportunity to serve, irrespective of the party,’’ Chinda said.

Similarly, Rep. Sergius Ogun (Edo-PDP) said that the call for a new political platform was opposed to efforts to deepen the country’s democracy.

According to Ogun, whatever platform that is formed today, it is the same people from the PDP and the APC that will occupy them.

On his part, Rep. Mohammed Onawo (Nasarawa-PDP) said “the onus is on Buhari to make his decision.

There is an adage that says he who wears the shoes knows where it pinches.

“He should go back to his room and think about what people are saying because the buck stops at his table.

“I pray that whatever decision he takes will be for the best interest of Nigeria and Nigerians,’’ Onawo said.