The Church Of GOD in Nigeria is not the Government of Nigeria


Buhari welcoming the Conference of Bishops

Buhari welcoming the Conference of Bishops

By Nneka Okumazie

The biggest problem Nigeria has is lack of good focus. There is no focus on major or simple problems, everything that is a debate or topic or focus or projects is not what will truly move Nigeria forward. Instead it is one foolish debate after another, one baseless argument after another, one terrible headline and no simple or useful sense to combat major problems from responsible quarters.

The most common foolishness in Nigeria now is criticism of the Church of GOD; Church, tithe, first fruits, Church online offering, Church private jets, Church pastors, Church branches, Church universities, Church testimonies, Church teachings, Church poor members, etc.

The debate is so stupid, so foolish, so flawed that no matter how smart a person may feel, the moment you participate in these kinds of argument, you are in the realm of the obtuse.

Nobody says true Churches are beyond criticism, they are not; nobody says there are no fake churches or feigned Christianity practices, there are. But in terms of many of the arguments against the Church of GOD, conflicted for the role of government, it is complete foolishness no matter who you are.

The mission of the Church of GOD is not to develop Nigeria. The Church is not even as cash rich as major oil, telecommunication, bank or top lotto, companies. The Church is about the Kingdom of GOD and the message of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So many useless CSR in Nigeria, nobody can face them relentlessly as Daddy Freeze against the Church of GOD. So many companies with opaque deductions and charges with nothing revolutionary back into the country; sympathizers of these companies say they are a business with shareholders for profit, not development.

They are exempted, but the Church of GOD is responsible for development, OK.

Entertainment in Nigeria is already saturated. Most contents are low quality, vulgar songs, awkward insensitive jokes, terrible film plots, mediocre football and other sport performance, yet entertainment sponsorship is highest in Nigeria. Entertainment is not development. In fact those low quality, uninspiring, entertainment are not relevant to mental or national development.

Yet, nobody can touch or criticize entertainment. How many songs can a person listen to or movies in Nigeria that will make an individual think to become a better professional? Yet people go to the Church of GOD, learn, get encouraged, and want to be better and ambitious on earth and for heaven. So this true Church is the problem, OK.

In Nigeria, why should you not go to Church, and pray, whether it is answered or not, if the prayer or well-wishing prophecies makes you feel better, why not? There is no security, no hospital, no safety, no light, no road, no money, no water, no order, no guarantee, no fire extinguisher, no law, no transparency, no equal opportunity, no investigation, no justice, fraud everywhere, corruption everywhere, no progress, no quality control, dirty environment, fetidness, direct and indirect prostitution, no sound education, no work, only one state is trying to be functional, no food, and no future, nothing, why should a person not go to Church?

Young Nigerians are leaving the country desperately, some drown at sea, some are stranded abroad, but finding ways to solve all the causes of this problem with the federal and state governments or some very useful CSR is not the case. It is the Church online giving that is the problem, OK.

People forget that the problems of Nigeria drove Church growth, not otherwise. If you want economic and infrastructural development from the Church of GOD, ask the government to pay taxes and oil revenues there. But the Church of GOD does what it has to do for its mission from the Scriptures.

Some people will like the option to pay online instead of cash, if the option is not for you ignore, it is not a reason for cheap shot at the Church when there are other organization options too and so many problems around, with no good sense or suggestion and realistic solutions with your vile platform.

If an overseer, truly called of GOD rides a private jet, let GOD who called that overseer be the judge. But that a Church owns a private jet and it is a reason to connect jet to poverty, sorry, the Church of GOD does not have the political power, policies and resources to alleviate poverty in this oddish Nigeria. Besides, if the worst thing an overseer will do is use a private jet that everyone knows about, it is far better than so many appalling things many kinds of terrible religious clerics do that no one knows about.

There are so many sectors and industries in Nigeria not under the power of the government, but those people there by themselves cannot reform themselves to shape their work to make Nigeria a better place. But from every angle, the Church is adjudged the problem, false, lie, false.

There are righteous rich people in true Churches in Nigeria, they support the work. Those who do not have enough, give what they have, not under any force. The Church of GOD is where true Christians connect with the Comforter, and they come, rich or poor, in joy or sadness. The Church of GOD is a place where lives are touched and minds are renewed.

But this Church is under attack. Not fair attack, not wise attacks, foolishness, and you watch how it has now become normal, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, by those who opted to blindfold themselves and think the Church should be what they interpret not about the Kingdom of GOD.

Until Nigeria as a country starts to focus on actual development, there is almost no way it will move forward. There is nobody in this world that can turn off the Light of the Church of GOD, no matter the bitter attacks. Christians started in the Acts of the Apostles, and will remain until Jesus Christ of Nazareth returns, to redeem them to Him.

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