Suspected Islamist arrested at Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt airport, Germany

Frankfurt Airport, Germany.

A 28-year-old suspected Islamist has been arrested at Frankfurt airport, an official said on Monday.

“The Turkish man, named as Bilal G under Germany’s privacy laws, is accused of a serious seditious criminal act,’’ senior public prosecutor Nadja Niesen said on Monday.

He is suspected of helping a 16-year-old boy to travel to Syria to take part in the conflict there.

A court in Frankfurt has had a warrant for the man’s arrest open for about one year.

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“He was believed to be travelling with somebody to Istanbul when he was arrested at the airport on Friday,’’ federal police spokesman Reza Ahmari said.

The man took part in a Koran distribution campaign in and around Frankfurt dubbed “Read.’’

He also had contact with Pierre Vogel, also known as Abu Hamza, a former boxer and high-profile preacher in Germany’s extremist Islamist scene.