Omoni Oboli Celebrates Son's Graduation

Omoni-Oboli and son Gozi Oboli

Omoni-Oboli and son Gozi Oboli

Nollywood actress and movie producer Omoni Oboli is celebrating her son Gozi Oboli’s graduation today. The mother of 3 shared the good news on social media.

She wrote:

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My son 😍😍😍@gozioboli
You gave me the wrong date for your grad 😢 and I’m so upset with myself for missing it! I was looking to forward to shopping for it and dressing you myself but daddy did a great job! You look amazing! I heard you stood out! I’m so incredibly proud of the young man you have become! You are the most focused young man I have ever known! So caring, so pleasant, so gentle and oh so deep (you get that from daddy). Your wife will be so blessed. It’s my absolute pleasure and privilege to raise you son. You make it so easy. Happy junior grad dear Gozi! I am hopelessly crazily head over heals in love with you 😍😍😍#ProudMother#IAmMamaGozi#Son#Love#Family#LoveLivesHere#MyLookalike#My2ndSon