Bird-flu chicken

Indonesian Agriculture Ministry has halted shipments of poultry and its derivative products from Malaysia, following the reports of a bird flu case in the neighbouring country, an official said on Wednesday.

Head of Indonesian Agriculture Quarantine Agency, Banun Harpini, said the step was aimed to prevent spreading of the bird flu viruses into the country.

“All the quarantine officials have been instructed to take caution on this matter,’’ Harpini said.

Based on the country’s quarantine law of animal, fish and plant, the agency has rejected the entry of poultry since Aug. 9, according to the official.

Poultry meat produced on or before July 27 are still allowed to come into Indonesia, with the stipulation of production date and health certificate.

The agency also ordered a maximum security by totally destroying poultry or derivative products imported between July 27 and Aug. 8, should any indication of bird flu viruses be found on them.