Instagram Comedian, BrodaShaggi Celebrates Birthday




Comic act and Instagram sensation BrodaShaggi is a year older today. He is known for his funny skits, hard work, humility and consistency in putting out videos .

Due to his hustle and commitment to becoming successful, OBO recently noticed him and he is now part of the 30 billion gang crew.

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Read a little story about himself here…

This was me years ago in Unilag, was my birthday, i slept like a stupid person at the visual arts studio after my Painting assignment. Not ashamed to Thank God for how far he has brought me. Hard Work and consistency, humility, prayers, love has brought me this far. You really cant know when exactly God will change your story, but there is a time it will come, Rushing God’s timing tryna fast forward his plans is the worst thing you can ever think of . I wanted to be great, so i worked towards it…did everything to survive in school, i drew and painted, danced, sang, directed, wrote scripts, formed a theatre troupe (stage addicts) to survive in school…. i never said i cant…i can paint for 3 days without sleeping, i am so used to it…that’s why i work at night, i write scripts or shoot, that’s why i also post at night and that is why i have Bought a new SIM , i will post the number on my next post, CALL ME TONIGHT and wish me a happy birthday because you all made me too❤❤❤❤