Discover Where Laura Ikeji Learnt Her Fashion Style




If you know Instagram sensation Laura Ikeji then you already probably are acquainted with her love for fashion and style.

The mom of one disclosed on her page today that she learned to dress every day like she was attending a party from a fellow Instagram user and entrepreneur- Chiomagoodhair. She also posted this picture of Chioma to drive home her point.

Check out her post:

Ok guys story time. @chiomagoodhair
2 years ago when I started the gang, I used to visit Good hair beauty place, (Not been to the salon for almost a year or so because of wigs ) to make my hair, and every time I entered the salon I would see Chioma, with her beautiful smile welcoming me. It wasn’t just the smile it was the fashion, jisox, Chioma would dress like she was headed to the Grammys every freaking time, she is always super dressed, makeup on point , hair on point, high heels etc. so I asked her, Girl!! Re u always like this and her staff answered yes everyday. Well.. U know me, I like to copy good things, Because of Chioma , I dress to my store like we have parties everyday. Well, since I don’t go anywhere else lol. But Chioma taught me that aspect of business. If u re the Ceo, look the part every single day! The End****😊😊😊