Prices of 17 cancer drugs cut by 56%

colon cancer

Colon cancer

Colon cancer

China National Healthcare Security Administration on Thursday said payment standards for 17 types of anti-cancer drugs newly included in China’s healthcare security system, is 56.7 per cent lower than their retail prices.

“Patients can be expected to purchase these anti-cancer drugs at lower prices by late November,’’ the administration said.

According to Xiong Xianjun, an official with the administration, these 17 anti-cancer drugs, dealing with solid tumors and hematological neoplasms, are clinically necessary, therapeutically effective and needed by insurance participants.

Payment standards for most of the imported drugs are, on average, 36 per cent lower than market prices in surrounding countries and regions, significantly reducing the burden of anti-cancer drug users.

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Negotiation for the prices kicked off in June, and the 17 drugs were selected and included on China’s medical insurance reimbursement list through expert review and voting.

“A total of 10 drugs came into the market after 2017, though facing their prolonged patent terms, the negotiation was tough.

“This round of negotiation was clinical value oriented, encouraged innovation, and insisted on being just, fair and open,’’ said Xiong.

He added a triple win was achieved between insurance participants, medical insurance authorities and enterprises.