I Am A Strong Woman- Tboss




2017 BBnaija former housemate Tboss shares a story about an experience she recently had. This she claims made her realise how strong a woman is.

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What’s the definition of a Strong Woman? Look no further than right here. On this night, the 5th of October 2018 whilst I was “supposed” to be getting ready for the Launch of @mrtaxi_ng I got a message that totally changed my life. I was in the middle of doing my make up- Yooo I got sooo worked up, I huffed & puffed, I screamed, I cried sooo hard. It made me angry, bitter, it made me Hate. I Had to take off my make up about 4/5 times to redo it again cos the tears had washed it all off. I stressed My Akeen so much she couldn’t get my brows right, bottom line- I was a Mess. A wreck. But, when I got the call to come out, I got dressed & made my Appearance. I sprayed my perfume & came out looking like I had the whole world at my feet. If only they knew😒I greeted everyone with the biggest smile on my face, took so many photos that my back, waist, jaw hurt, I enjoyed the comedians although they always use me for their jokes but I forgive y’all 😝, I applauded the talents & NEVER- Not once did I give any sign that i was in a really bad place. A dark place. Full of pain & hurt & everything negative. My Akeen @simplysorrentino looked at me & said- WOW you do have the Greatest Poker face Ever- people seeing you wouldn’t have the foggiest what you’re going through and she’s right. But you know why? Because I am a Strong woman. The cause of my pain wasn’t in that room so I had to make the people who came out happy by being happy for them, happy with them.
What I’m trying to say in essence is that Everyone goes through all sorts of crazy at some point in time. Everyone has monsters they are dealing with. Everyone gets down, Be kind to one another. I promise you it don’t cost a thing.
But most especially, Don’t believe nor fall for what you see online, don’t let nothing or nobody make you feel less than you are, trust me- something as little as your peace of mind is what they might be craving for.
Everything good would come to you at the exact time when it’s supposed to.
God bless your business @ceo_kayc @soundmind44 @mrtaxi_ng to the World🙌🏽🙏🏽