Hand washing: Ashes good as soaps – Environmental health expert

Hands washing

Hand washing

Hand washing

Mrs Rita Ojide, Head of Environmental Health Department, Enugu State Ministry of Health, says ashes are as good as soaps in keeping the hands clean from germs.

Ojide in Enugu on Monday, said ashes served the same purpose with soap.

According to her, diseases are checked from spreading through the practice of proper hand washing.

A proper hand washing, she said, include the use of soap or ashes with clean running water.

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“Proper hand washing is required during and after every activity people undertake daily.

“If this is imbibed and frequently practiced, people will live healthier,” she said.

The environmental health expert also advised parents and teachers to inculcate the practice of hand washing in their children, since they are more vulnerable to diseases.

According to her, hand washing is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others via the hands without knowing it.