Youths charged on nation building

Idris Aregbe

Idris Aregbe

Idris Aregbe

The Lagos State Youth Organising Secretary, All Progressives Congress, APC, Aregbe Idris has charged youths in the country to merge efforts as a progressive strategy in making Lagos and Nigeria a better and greater nation for all and sundry.

Aregbe, who made this known in Lagos while fielding questions from pressmen at a brief interview called on stakeholders, youth independent bodies, community leaders, and religious youth platforms to put aside existing differences and form positive alliances that can trigger effectual changes in the country.

“In the last elections, we have circled round without making meaningful impact in the Nigerian polity; so, this is a clarion call for the youths to embrace unity and make our presence felt during the forthcoming general elections, as we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines to wait for incurious minds to superintend over the affairs of our nation. And without doubts, we have the necessary skill sets to take on the mantle of leadership but our differences have been our greatest problem.”

“The youths make up over fifty percent of the entire population in Lagos, yet we have failed to effectively employ these numbers to drum up support for our party, ” he said.

While stressing the need for youths to harmonize ideas, the Youth Organising Secretary said, “The office is willing to work with youths with ingenious ideas and strategies that can be adopted in winning more votes for party at the 2019 general election, with the intention of fetching over three millions votes in Lagos state for the party at the federal and state levels, respectively.

“The youths are the prospects of this nation and we cannot achieve our potentials if we fail to unite and harmonize ideas that can drive the country forward to greater heights.

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“The time is now for every youth to actively engage in positive programmes and initiatives that can grow the nation forward. We must abandon interests bordered on selfish gains to join progressive platforms built on the foundation of sincere ethos and perceptible ideals capable of creating opportunities for the teeming number of brilliant minds in the country,” the Youth Organising.”

He noted that joining a formidable platform is a positive intent in achieving greater efficiency and championing initiatives that can better the lot of the masses, while waning the pointless dichotomy that have divided the youths.

Speaking on the gains of unity, Aregbe said: “Independent and youth platforms must find a common ground to sheathe their swords and join a strong alliance where their aspirations can come to fruition.

“We have seen what others have done with the sixteen years that they have been in the corridors of power, and we have also witnessed diverse changes in different quarters just within three years and few months of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in power. These encouraging changes are visible and reassuring signs of better things to come, hence we the youths must pool our resources together to support the massive and laudable works championed by the president, vice president as well as our party leaders.”

“If we are the hope of the nation, then I am convinced that every Nigerian youth rooting for the progress of this great nation will come out en-masse to support the continuation of transformation in Lagos and the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari by joining this movement to make Nigeria better and greater,” he enthused.

Aregbe further stated that transformation was a continuous journey driven by men of impeccable wisdom and profound insight similar to those exhibited by the APC.

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