Gambari tasks political leaders, others on Nigeria’s challenges


Prof. Ibrahim Gambari

Prof. Ibrahim Gambari

Prof. Ibrahim Gambari, former Nigerian’s Ambassador to the United Nations, has called on the political leaders, researchers, students and the academia in the country to unite in addressing the nation’s challenges.

He made the call during a book launch of the personal memoir of Dr Tom Adaba, former Director -General, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) in Abuja.

The book, titled: ‘But for God’, contains 521 pages and 17 chapters.

It highlights the life and achievements of the media icon as well as lessons for the development of the family and the society, at large.

Gambari commended the author of the book, saying that history would be kind to him for writing the book.

He noted that Nigerians continued to make the same mistake because they did not learn from worthy mentors and their works.

“Nigeria is not where it should be.

“How do we collectively take our destinies in our hands? Political leaders, researchers, academia, students and others can contribute their quota toward the advancement of our great country,” he said.

Gambari also said that the book reflected on lessons everyone in the society should learn, be it household, religious organisation or political class.

Prof. Nuhu Yakubu, Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies, Nile University, Abuja, who reviewed the book, said it “teaches lessons on humility, closer relationship with God and examined a great lot of disappointment about Nigeria.

Yakubu called on Nigerians to emulate the life of the author, Dr Tom Adaba, adding that Adaba placed God first in all he did.

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According to the don, such attitude should serve as the basis for Nigeria’s growth and development, if the country can replicatethe author’s teaching in various institutions.

In the same vein, Otunba Segun Runshewe, Director-General, National Council for Art and Culture ( NCAC), identified lack of respect for various Nigerian culture as the foundation of the problems confronting the country.

Runshewe also fingered lack of adequate reference materials,where the coming generation could learn from as another problem of Nigeria as a nation.

“Dr Tom Adaba has set the pace, where life experiences are documented.
He said often many leaders died, leaving behind their experiences for documentation.

He stressed the need for the documentation of such experiences,for others to learn and put the lessons into practise to better the country.

“The focus of the book, to me, shows that it is time to reflect on our relationship with our God. “Everybody is struggling to make money. Let us develop what we need to do for our country.

“Nigeria is a great country. The country does not have any problem, what we have are challenges and we need to overcome them,” he said.

Cardinal John Onayekan, the Archbishop of the Abuja Catholic Diocese, called on Nigerians to pray for free and fair 2019 general elections as well as for the government, INEC and security agencies, to have successful elections.

However, the author of the book, urged Nigerian journalists to focus more on the critical roles they could play in documenting the history of the country.

Adaba also advised Nigerians to read the book, saying that it offerred insights into how to address the country’s challenges.

The book is also a study of human
practice and endurance and offers lessons on life challenges and how to cope with adversities as well as managing disappointment among others.

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