Buhari/Obasanjo: You gave him flowers for whipping Jonathan, IBB, others - Sen. Sani

Buhari and Obasanjo

Buhari and Obasanjo
Photo: National Daily

Senator Shehu Sani

Adekunle Dada

The senator representing Kaduna Central in the National Assembly, Shehu Sani has blasted President Muhammedu Buhari’s supporters for attacking former president Olusegun Obasanjo for criticising this present government.

The civil rights activist took to twitter to say that Obasanjo was given flowers when he was whipping Sani Abacha,IBB, Umaru Yardua and Goodluck Jonathan but now that he’s lashing out at Buhari his supporters are now throwing thorns at him.

He went further to add that the sweet words used to lavished encomium on Obasanjo has now turned into bitter words.

Obasanjo has earlier voiced his disappointment and disagreement in the way the country is being run. Over the weekend, Obasanjo through his media aide, Kehinde Akinyemi said that he won’t be neutral when Nigeria is being destroyed with incompetence, corruption, lack of focus, insecurity

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“only a fool will sit on the fence or be neutral when his or her country is being destroyed with incompetence, corruption, lack of focus, insecurity, nepotism, brazen impunity and denial of the obvious. Chief Obasanjo is no such fool nor is he so unwise”.

Senator Sani’s tweet: When Obj was whipping Abacha,IBB,Umaru and GEJ,You gave him flowers;And now he is lashing Baba,You are throwing thorns at him.The sweet chocolate in your mouth has turned to bitter Kola.When you see Obj lashing your enemy with Koboko,pad your own body with thick layers of cotton.

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