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Bishop Oyedepo and Daddy Freeze

Daddy Freeze and Pastor Adeboye
PHOTO: Dailypost

By Nneka Okumazie

Participant humility is essential in any successful relationship – the importance of a party, yet recognition of the need for the other. The recognition that you don’t know it all, see it all, hear it all, live it all, have it all, or present at all places. Life is almost humility in itself.

Lots of potentials have been wasted because of moments of hubris, or disdain. There have been several moments of reflection for parties who – devastatingly – lost out on important relationships, wishing they did better in humility.

Humility is not optional in several activities, but also optional in many others. The belittling of the need for others has led to many problems in Nigeria and across the world.

Some have thought at several points that science is the most important class, but there’s progress in the world that came from the lines of commercial and art classes. Even tinkerers and several kinds of artisans have been responsible for developments, changes and curriculum.

Options are abundant in education to fit all kinds of people by interest, opportunity, support, timing and location. It is easy to look down on others if one seems to have it better. But sometimes the best things have come from the unlikeliest places.

Christianity in Nigeria is an option in several options and with options inside itself. You need it so you choose it and also choose where and how. Christianity is not imposed on any adult Nigerian. Anybody can say anything; it is not by any force. And because it is not by force, it is not that they would be doing their thing, and you would say they are a problem for the entire nation.

Poor transport systems in a state is worse than any Church issue. Weak labor regulations are worse than any Christianity criticism. There are people who work but their average living expenses outsizes their incomes. Work after education was supposed to the dream escape into prosperity, but inter-generational poverty is like a handshake – from many uneducated parents to educated progenies.

Work in Nigeria needs more activists who would be intellectually transcendent, with models on how transport, feeding, clothing, training, housing, health, or whatever else can be eased for staff. Complain about government has failed. Complain, fight and noise about Church too has failed.

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True Church or Pastor is not a scam, or fraud. Assuming Redeemed Church Pastor, Adeboye, got access to the Church’s jet, and he started doing virtual services, or started skipping services, or started showing off, and going to look for big people to hang with, then it would have been the end of his dream to get the jet.

But he has access to the Church’s jet like he doesn’t. He does not remind people of it, only his enemies do. He’s not going around posting pictures like entertainers. He always at Church services he’s expected to be at, and at some of their major programs, they pray for one hour – a rarity in contemporaneous services.

There is a Bishop that daddy freeze hates. Love the Bishop or hate him, he loves positivity, optimism, hope and faith. The Church he leads loves positivity. Sometimes, the Bishop talks about some members of the Church who had miracles and testimonies just by Faith in GOD, not even he praying for them, or any physical contact.
With depression everywhere in the world, hope is the indispensable medicine. Also, there is a class of meds in pharmacology based on hope –placebos.

Hope can be the difference between life and death, between success and failure, or between happiness and sadness.

There are countries that have everything, and some people there have things going for them, but those people have inexplicable depression, and have to take prescriptions costing tens of thousands of their currency – each month.
Yes, depression is a medical condition. But sadness, unhappiness and some kinds of depression may be lack of the ability to hope.

Hope is so much in true Churches in Nigeria. Faith is the medicine of Christianity. Pastor of RCCG will always be wishing his people well. They pray, and expect the Lord to answer. They cater to the mind – the seat of sanity.

Daddy freeze is powerless and his gain is worthless. He may have collected gifts, or licensed to insult, but he has nothing to show. The Church of GOD continues to grow and multiply. Daddy freeze is not the hope of any relevant human. He and his supporters wake up to what Pastor will they mock today, while some use the hope of Christ as propulsive pedestals for greater heights.

Some people who see Church everywhere and quickly say Church is too much or that Church is the problem would have to read about free market economics on what can make factories thrive; or read about income, purchasing power and living conditions to understand why poverty happens. And on electricity, everyone would have to ask everyone else why everyone became generator cowards.

“And Jesus said unto the Centurion” [Matthew 8:13], “Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, [so] be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour.”

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