PFN President calls for unity of minds among Nigerians

Rev. Felix Omobude

Rev. Felix Omobude

Rev. Felix Omobude

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) has called for unity of minds and purpose among all Nigerians in a bid to jointly lift up the nation to greater heights.

In a Christmas message issued on behalf of the Pentecostal family in Nigeria, the National President of the PFN, Rev. Dr. Felix Omobude called on all Nigerians to rally as one and embrace each other in love, as they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Sending glad tidings of hope, peace and prosperity to all Nigerians, Omobude, in a statement issued by Simbo Olorunfemi, Director, Media, PFN, prayed for peace and tranquility in the land as we prepared for the 2019 General elections.

“As we stand at the cusp of another election year, we must be mindful of our responsibility to the nation and God. The times we live in call for concerted efforts on the part of all Nigerians, irrespective of creed or ethnicity, to steer the country away from danger. We must shun bigotry and discrimination against one another, in all forms. As responsible Nigerians, we must endeavour to elect men and women of sterling virtue and proven integrity, with records of devotion to public service, at all levels of government,” he said.

Ahead of the 2019 elections, the PFN President appealed to all politicians to be more circumspect in their utterances, ensuring that Nigeria comes first in all their considerations and conduct.

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“There can be no compromising of the secular framework that governs Nigeria, under any guise. A mutual co-existence of all religions is guaranteed under the constitution. Political parties and politicians should focus more on solutions to the issues that confront the nation.

“The political class must not let ambition blind their sense of judgement or be seen to be pursuing any sectional agenda,” he said.

PFN cautions political leaders to restrain themselves from fanning the embers of hatred and shift their focus beyond the narrow confines of winning elections, saying “They must learn to accept defeat gracefully, devote themselves to other forms of service, in the understanding that all power comes from God.”

The PFN calls on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to adequately clean up the electioneering process to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.


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