Hungary increases workers salary


Hungary President, Ader Janos
PHOTO: Hungarytoday

Hungary President, Ader Janos
PHOTO: Hungarytoday

Hungarian government says it will increase the salary of its workers by eight per cent to enable them cater for the families.

To this end, the government says it is increasing to $528 from 2019.

“The minimum wage will increase by eight per cent in 2019,’’ according to Minister of Finance, Mihaly Varga, quoted by the official website of the Hungarian government.

The minister said that with this significant rise in minimum wages, the same as in the past few years, a major increase in salaries in 2019 will be possible in the country.

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This will further improve the financial situation of Hungarian families.

Varga stressed that along with pay rises, employment was also continuously rising: the number of those in employment was now above 4.5 million.

The minister added that an increase of an additional eight per cent will follow in 2020.