Naked lovers drown while making love along River bank

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It was a fateful day for two lovers who lost their lives celebrating the New Year after they drowned while making love along Mayambura River near Prince Charles Dam in Seke, Zimbabwe.

Charmaine Nyakata (21) of St Mary’s is reported to have drowned while being intimate with 17-year-old Munashe Nedziva, of Manyame Park.

According to a report by the H-Metro, the naked bodies of the lovers where retrieved by police sub-aqua divers yesterday morning. The clothes of the lovers were found on the edge of the dam placed on stones.

There has not been any consensus on what transpired, with some believing that Munashe drowned whilst trying to be a knight in shining armour to his lover, after attempting to save her from drowning.

Charmaine’s uncle, Silvester Lafoti gave a different side of the story, saying that the family suspected that the two were taken by a mermaid believed to be in the dam.

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”We have lost a girl who was so brilliant and was supposed to do her Upper Six this year, We are not sure of what actually happened, but from what we gathered from the people who were celebrating New Year at the place, we are convinced that the two were taken by a mermaid,” said Lafoti.

It was reported that a beer bottle was spotted floating on top of the water before they drowned, raising the belief that a mermaid took them.

The family which was still in shock where adamant that the two had been taken by mermaid following findings that Charmaine’s body was found without, but fish mongers dismissed the suggestions, saying fish could have feasted on the body.