HIV Prevention: CRH holds awareness campaign


An HIV victim


An HIV victim

By Isa Isawade

The Centre for The Right To Health (CHR), a health advocacy group is, tomorrow, commencing a 2-Day media seminar on prevention of communicable diseases, especially biomedical HIV prevention in Nigeria.

Stressing the importance of advocating through the media, the Centre’s Prevention Advisor, William Rashidi said, in a media release sent to pmnewsonline, that “the media is an important force in shaping socioeconomic and political structures of our country and by extension amplifying advocates’ voices on issues of health and healthcare in Nigeria.

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“To this end, we prioritize engaging with the media periodically as regards knowledge and information sharing around the latest science of prevention for communicable diseases such as HIV”.

He also pointed out that the organization, in this campaign, is focusing more on the youth.

“The young constitute the bulk of persons getting infected daily with HIV and are beginning to ask for more options to protect themselves from contracting HIV”, he reasoned.

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