Poll: Group warns Nigerians against PDP's propaganda




As the nation heads for poll on Saturday, a group, the Movement for Actualization of Campaign Promises, MACP, has called on Nigerians not to succumb to the massive propaganda of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as the party had failed to deliver on its promises in the past.

The group, in a statement on Thursday said “there is need to alert the general populace to ensure they do not succumb to massive propaganda, lies and distortions of facts by the main opposition party called People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which, throughout the entire campaign period till now was busy embarrassing the sensibility of Nigerians by portraying the electorates and indeed the entire citizens of Nigeria as people who lack the capacity to know their right from their left.”

The statement signed by MACP’s Executive Director, Olushola Olaleye, said the PDP had portrayed Nigeria as a country where events and history could easily be distorted and as a country where her people could easily be confused through propaganda, half truth and lies.

According to the group, while the not so popular political parties were busy trying to sell their programmes and mission statement to the populace but due to their inability to muster enough funds and establish formidable structure across the country, the PDP was busy pushing out fabrications.

“The PDP, through those they called their handlers, have failed to realized that their sins which they apologized for early last year were actually the ones that put Nigeria down to her sorry state. Nigerians and indeed the present Muhammadu Buhari – led APC government have accused the PDP led 16 years of misrule and massive looting of Nigeria resources with evidences and facts. The PDP was the one that sold many of the country’s infrastructures allegedly to her cronies.

“They (PDP) were accused of not doing anything to our roads, our schools, the health sector and the economy for 16 years despite huge sum of revenue from oil. For 16 years, the PDP according to the Buhari – led APC government told Nigerian (with some proofs) that PDP administration ensures that not only that our electricity was crippled, it succeeded in selling same to their friends, families and members who have no known capacity, knowledge and financial strength to handle such sensitive and strategic project,” it stated.

MACP decried that the Nigerian Airways and the country’s massive Nitel and the railways were killed through the sharp practices of the PDP in power for 16 years from 1999 to 2015 when Nigerians booted them out, adding that despite the bare facts and proofs, the PDP still wanted Nigerian to see their vote that brought in the APC as a mistake.

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“With the kind of eagerness, desperation and hunger of the PDP as demonstrated at their campaign grounds and public comments therefore, it becomes curious the motive, mission and agenda of the PDP as a party in their quest to get back to power. Till today, all public comments, body language and activities of the PDP as a party had further reinforced their known stand that there is nothing like corruption in Nigeria,” the group said.

MACP said it was very important to let Nigerian know that there is a looming danger should the PDP be voted back to power, saying that “this call however is not in any case intended to embarrass the party or confuse her members but to let Nigerian know that the party (PDP) had not shown itself as one that had purged herself of arrogance, lies, corruption, propaganda and of attitudes that led to her fall and mostly led Nigeria to her sorry state today.”

“As a Non-government organization, we have watched closely and seen the need to quickly and painfully too, assist the Nigerian electorate in their choice of candidate(s) come February 23rd especially for now. PDP cannot and should not be the alternative to the present APC led government which through our field survey has practically done well and much more in three and a half years compared to the 16 years of the PDP which her leadership is trying hard to make Nigerian forget its misruled.

“As a result, we have realized as a non-government organization how the PDP has on several occasions championed the campaign that none of her members are corrupt in the land. We have therefore decided to tell the PDP and of cause its ambitious flag bearer (Atiku Abubakar especially) to go back home and purge themselves of all negative utterances and their underestimation of the Nigerian people for the next 16 years before it could come back on same name to beg Nigerian for vote,” it stated.