Omoni Oboli Encourages Herself

Omoni Oboli

Omoni Oboli

People will always talk, no matter what you do or don’t do, Nollywood actress and mom of 3 Omoni Oboli says in her latest post.

Other times, some will try to bring you down for your hustle, but it’s best to keep going and not listen to negativity.

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Dear Omoni… Keep your focus!!! Don’t listen to them! Everyone has a different measure of grace! Some of us don’t have to do much for everything around us to work, some other of us have to do a lot to get same results. So don’t let them ‘bully’ you into reducing your hustle. ‘She’s too loud’ ‘She makes too much noise’ ‘She’s too desperate’ How about you do you boo and let me do me cos no matter what you say, I will still do me cos guess what, when you are broke, nobody will feed you! Listen Omoni, you cant stop to listen to every dog that barks! So you go girl! Work hard, smart and watch God take you HIGHER!!! This year, I am fueling my hustle some more after all, THIS IS THE MONEY YEAR!!! May God crown every effort with resounding success! PS: I’m preaching to myself but if this is you as well, let me get an AMEN!

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