AY Makun Opens Up on Humble Beginnings on TV show


Ayo Makun

By Fumilola Olukomaiya

Multi-award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and T.V presenter, Ayodeji Richard Makun, popularly known by his stage name, ‘A.Y,’ recently opened up and shared some deep things many may not know about him, especially, his humble beginnings and the obstacle-filled road to success.

On the season 2-debut episode of TV show, Binging with Gamechangers; a TV show which delves into the minds of people with successful brands and
careers who have thrived in Nigeria despite evident barriers, AY shares his inspirational story with host, Seyi Banigbe.

From the untimely death of his parents at a young age to becoming a father figure to his siblings and spending 9 years in university due to the burden of responsibilities, to becoming Alibaba’s personal assistant, to eventually becoming the AY we all know and love – he spills all on this episode.

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