Lead Nigeria sacrificially, Anglican Primate urges elected leaders

Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh

Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion

Most Reverend Okoh

Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, the Primate, Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, has called on the new political leaders of the country to lead sacrificially to better the lives of Nigerians.

Okoh made the call on Sunday in Abuja while speaking with newsmen at the end of the churches 7-day Lenten Revival Programme tagged, “The Way of the Cross”.

The event was organised by the Abuja Anglican Diocese and held at the Cathedral Church of the Advent, Life Camp in Abuja.

“Newly elected people should turn a new leaf because if the Lord has not had mercy on us, we would not be where we are today.

“Old things have not been jettisoned, people can still carry ballot boxes, kill others and in these circumstances we have lost humanity, we no longer have regards for the humanity that is part and parcel of us.

“We are here to take people back to the essence of Christian faith , God is just and fair, you claim to know this God, don’t misrepresent Him,” he said.

The Anglican leader said that the essence of sacrifice could not be brushed aside in the face of sufferings that Nigerians had been made to pass through.

He said there was a need for self sacrifice for individuals and for the nation adding that any community or household without anybody that was willing to make such sacrifice, things would be difficult for them.

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“Things will be very tough for them. There is so much talk about faith and religion. It is about people denying themselves so that it shall be well with others.

Earlier, the Archbishop Province of Ondo, Most Rev. George Lasebikan reminded the nation’s leaders to be fair in their dealing with the people.

“Everybody must begin to think that God wants to start something new with this nation, new hopes and expectations.

“The challenge in the hands of the newly elected leaders is to make Nigeria better.

“We observe that those who are serving are serving themselves and Nigerians are suffering in their teeming millions.

May be because they are at the top they are not seeing what is happening at the grassroots; leaders must aspire to serve the people.

“If it is taking us decades to decide that minimum wage will be N30,000 and you compare that with what our Senators are earning.

“Thinkable that we have been struggling over a minimum wage, it means something is fundamentally wrong with us. Those at the top should ensure they serve the people and not themselves,” he explained. (NAN)