At 60: The other side of Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor

Patience Ozokwor

Many people are used to veteran actress, Patience Ozokwor, taking up roles as a wicked person in movies, but the other side of the actress will shock them.

When he was confronted with the question of his wicked roles in movies recently, this is what she has to say: “I am highly romantic o! If I am in love with you, you will know; I can’t hide it. Everybody around will know I am in love with you. So I don’t go jumping from one man to the other but if I have feelings for you, everybody around will know that you are the man.

“All the same, because I don’t kiss in movies doesn’t mean that if such occasions come up, I wouldn’t have done something like that but God just shut that side for me and I never had any reason to kiss somebody. You know, I am always on the cantankerous side. Such people don’t kiss and they don’t do romance. The kind of roles I play actually help me not to get to all that.”

In an interview with Punch, Ozokwor also gave reasons why she did not remarry after her husband’s death.

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She said there was a time she wanted to remarry but that her children prevented her from doing so., adding that “They are all grown now. They said if they were young, they wouldn’t have objected. Now that they are grown, they say they will be my husband and they have been trying. The only thing they don’t do is go to bed with me. They said that their friends would laugh at them that their mother abandoned them, but I didn’t see it that way.

“It really brought problems. I wanted to remarry but my sister and other relations came and said that I should concede to them and I accepted but with the condition that they would also listen to me anytime I tell them to stop being friends with any of their friends that I don’t like and they agreed. So we have been managing one another.”

On her regrets in life, Ozokwor said “The only regret I have in life is that I wasn’t allowed to marry the man of my choice. That is it but I was able to cope. I had suitors, I was going to choose one among them but my parents said that I would marry their choice. If they had allowed me, I would have loved to make my choice.”

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