Celebrities Have Their Struggles - Alex



Dancer, actress, media personality and ex big brother naija housemate Alex says people shouldn’t think that celebrities are perfect.

They have their struggles and make mistakes like every other human out there. Read her post while she was trying to make a video and kept making a mess of it.

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You know, it’s not like once you become popular, you have automatic brilliance, smartness or eloquence 💆🏽‍♀️.Before all those almost perfect videos are posted, you have little or no idea that there were series of struggles 😰. On this particular video, first of all, someone brought in a puppy while I was talking and I couldn’t keep my legs on the floor 😱,then I remembered a precaution I didn’t take 😫,then there were mistakes, then I started to forget what I was meant to say as it was becoming mentally stressful 😤,I decided to get more serious with the shirt 😤,then devil sent that one friend that keeps distracting 😒, I had to change location and I became unserious and started to play like I always do when stress is about to kill me 🙈. Mind you,I had a lot of other things I was thinking about and work I put on hold so I’ll make a simple video, I thought I finally had it covered 🤗 then I started to talk off point 🤦🏽‍♀️. See, it’s never as easy as we make it look. We struggle, we get tired , we go through a lot just like you do. we are all humans. Never see anyone as more or less.

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