Lent – Cleric admonishes Christians to be strict in repentance

Anglican Church in Nigeria

Cleric enjoins Christians to show exemplary leadership qualities.

Rev. Fr. Francis Odigbo, Parish Priest, Christ the King Catholic Church, Kurudu, Abuja has urged Christians to utilise the Lenten period to seek repentance and absolution of sins to be fruitful and progressive.

Odigbo made the call on Sunday while delivering a homily during a Holy Mass at Saint Joseph Mukasa Catholic Church, Gidan Mangoro, Abuja.

Odigbo said that inspite of sin, the Almighty God always gave man the privilege or chance to seek for repentance, adding that such privilege should not be abused.

He said that sinning could be described as a total failure to bear good fruit according to “our talents and possibilities.”

He further called on christians to turn from sin and bear fruit in the parable of the ‘Unfruitful Fig Tree’ in the Holy Bible, Luke 13:1-5 and verse 6-9.

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Odigbo explained that there were so much expectations from Christians to live upright and fruitful in the society at large as being expected from the Fig Tree that refused to bear tree in the Holy Bible.

He quoted Luke chapter 13 verse nine saying ” then if the tree bear figs next year, so much the better, if not, then you can have it cut down.

“God is waiting for our good deeds and is very patient. God keeps on coming into our lives, looking for fruit and when he doesn’t find any, he keeps on giving us more opportunities and time.

“We should seize the opportunity given by the Lent to turn back to God who is ever ready to forgive and accept us back,” he said.

According to him, Christians should endeavour to live exemplary lifestyles free from sins and focus on how best to help one another to have a better life.

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