“Akpu” business makes women house owners in FCT


Preparation of Akpu in Dutse, FCT

Preparation of Akpu in Dutse, FCT

Akpu, as one of the most cheapest food in Nigeria, is also making house owners of women who venture into the business in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

A survey by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja reveals that though Akpu is associated with people from the Eastern Nigeria, it is also a popular food consumed by other Nigerians.

Mrs Adanne Kalu, an Akpu seller said she had being in the business for the past 15 years and the business has taken her family out of poverty.

She said that anyone who has a good culture of saving can get something tangible out of the business.

Kalu added that she now has a house of her own because of the profit from the business, stressing it is a business that youths can engage in for self reliance and export.

“I started this business 15 years ago, since then my family don’t know anything like poverty, i started the business when my husband lost his job and I had to sustain the family.

“We built a house through this business, my children are also in school through this business because it is profitable.

“I make close to N5,000 to N10,000 daily when market is good, while if market is bad I make N2,000 to N3,000 daily. So, I have room to save something tangible on a weekly basis.

“I advise the youths to venture into the business, if they have the strength for it because it is difficult to make.”

Preparation of Akpu in Dutse, FCT

However, another Akpu seller at New Nyanya, Mrs Oromene Lazarus said that even though the business was profiting, it is also difficult to process.

She said: ”the business is for those who have passion for it and the strength, otherwise, one can easily get discouraged. But its a good way of making money.

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“I have to buy the cassava, peal it, then soak it for three days depending on the type of cassava.

“After fermentation then we grind it, we also soak it in water for like two days then sieve it and take the chaff out.”

She, however, explained that the remaining left overs after removing the chaff would be put in a bag for it to drain out water before cooking.

“The price largely depends on the size, as a wrap of Akpu goes for N50 to N100; so people can afford it easily.”

Similarly, Mrs Rose Arinze in Dutse said that Akpu business has really helped her family and the education of her children in various schools.

“Life is difficult but this Akpu business is really helping me, as I use the money I make to send my children to school.

“The business also helped me to be a land lady, as I used my savings from the business to build my house. I also supply to some restaurants far and near and the patronage is really high.

“Only few people produce good Akpu in Abuja and I’m one of them because I prepare it well,” she said.

Drying of the Akpu chaff

A consumer, Mr Oladayo Kayode, also a resident of Dutse, disclosed that Akpu has being a life saver to him for a long time because that is what he consumed mainly.

“Even though I’m not from the eastern part of country, ever since I discovered Akpu, I have being enjoying it. Not everyone can prepare it because it’s stressful and requires a clean person to make it.”

He, however, advised Akpu consumers to be careful of places they eat Akpu, as most of them have bad smell and are not properly processed.

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