Wendy Williams files for divorce from husband

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter

Wendy Williams is finally calling it quits on her marriage, amid tons of cheating rumors – she just filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter.

Sources on Wendy’s talk show revealed that Kevin was served with the divorce papers Thursday morning at the studio and extra security was on hand in case Kevin got enraged about the split, but he didn’t.

The split comes after nearly 22 years of marriage, and most recently – Kevin’s alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, having a baby.

It’s quite a change of tune for Wendy. Remember, it was just a few weeks ago when we got her out in NYC and she was flashing her ring and brushing off questions about Kevin’s alleged affair.

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Wendy’s been going through a rough patch lately — living in a sober house and getting round-the-clock help to deal with addiction issues.

The couple were still working together on set, and while it was super awkward for some people on the show, the they were amicable with one another and showing no overt signs of hostility. But clearly, she reached a breaking point.

Wendy and Kevin first met at an ice skating rink in 1994, getting hitched 3 years later. They have one child together, son Kevin Hunter Jr. TMZ reports.

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