Activist wants Buhari to create enabling environment for youths to thrive

ayo tolulope

Ambassador Ayodele Tolulope

Ambassador Ayodele Tolulope

National President and Convener of My Nigeria epassport project (MNEPP), Ambassador Tolulope Ayodele, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to create the enabling environment for youths to thrive in the country.

Ayodele,in a statement on Tuesday, expressed worry over the rate at which young Nigerians are travelling abroad to seek greener pastures.

According to the activist, Nigerians in their quest to make a meaning of their lives are killed senselessly in foreign lands.

”All over the world, you hear different stories about Nigerians being killed. Some Nigerians are banned from entering some countries like Qatar and so on. They are maltreated because they are out of the country to seek greener pastures. Nigerians have the right to live.

”I know that President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo are trying their best to improve the lot of Nigerian youths but I think we need to create more enabling environment for the Nigerian youths to function in their country, to display their dexterity in their country rather than travelling out of the country for greener pastures.

”The killing of our brothers and sisters in countries like South Africa, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other countries of the world is touching. There must be a lasting solution to this predicament because the life of Nigerians means a lot to us.

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”Just like American don’t play with their citizens, they value the lives of their citizens, so should we do to all our citizens, no matter the tribe, ethnicity, religion. We should be concerned about the welfare of the citizens of Nigerians all over the world.

”Also, Nigerians all over the world must conduct themselves peacefully, do legal businesses and run away from illegal deals, like drug pushing, armed robbery, frauds, killing for rituals. Stop kidnapping and avoid every forms of criminality, be contented with what you earn and keep working for more. The little you earn legally is better than millions you earn illegally.

Let us live a life of peace, a life of integrity, a life that will make the whole world respect Nigeria and Nigerians, a life that will make immigration officers all over the world respect our epassport, a life that can bring investors into the country.

”The way Nigerians are being killed all over the world is something that is touching and disheartening. These lives have meaning to us, we can’t afford to lose any Nigerian.

”To build a Nigeria with integrity, a Nigeria that the whole world will want to come and invest in, is in the hands of both our leaders and the followers. We all have a role to play to make Nigeria a better place for all.”