Priests, Nuns shouldn't conduct marriage classes - Daddy Freeze

Freeze 1

Freeze and some Nuns

Freeze and some Nuns

Critics, Daddy Freeze has said it is wrong for Catholic Priests and Nun to conduct marriage classes because they have never been married.

He said marriage classes should only be conducted by people who have experienced marital bliss.

He was reacting to an Instagram user who said he went for a marriage class conducted by Priests and Nuns.

“Marriage classes in my opinion should only be conducted by people who have at least had a marital experience. Nuns or priests can handle spiritual or scriptural matters relating to marriage, but please….

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“In my opinion, a married person, divorcee, widow or widower can hold a marriage class, not a Num or Priest that has never been married,” he said.

An Instagram user, Fatokiyemi said if a doctor who has never had HIV could attend to such people, a Priest or Nun could take a marriage class because of experience.

But Freeze replied: “This will make sense to you only if you consider marriage as dreadful as the HIV virus. A disease is not meant to be enjoyed, it’s meant to be endured… Well, isn’t that what many churches have taught us about marriage?

“Are you willingly going out to deliberately contract the virus? If you are, then this might make sense… Treating a disease and counseling an intending couple are two entirely different things, that must never be assumed to be in any way similar.”