Elephant kills British soldier in Malawi


Talbot and an elephant

Talbot and an elephant

An elephant has killed a British soldier in Malawi during a poaching operation at a wildlife park.

The soldier, Mathew Talbot of The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guard was said to have been killed on Sunday as the huge creature trampled upon him.

A statement from the Ministry of Defence confirmed with sadness the death of Talbot, who tragically died on counter poaching operations in Malawi on 5th May,  2019, adding that the soldier was trained in Harrogate, West Yorkshire.

The statement added that on completion of his military training at AFC Harrogate and then ITC Catterick Gdsm, Talbot was posted to Number 7 Company Coldstream Guards, based in London where he spent the first, formative year of his career conducting State Ceremonial and Public Duties.

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It said since then, Talbot had been serving with The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, based in Windsor, saying that this deployment to Malawi was his first operational deployment, as he took great pride in being a Counter Poaching Operator.

According to the UK Mirror, tributes had been pouring in for Talbot who left behind sisters, Aimee and Isabel and girlfriend Olivia.

In his tribute, Lt Col Ed Launders MBE Commanding Officer said he would  always feel honoured to have served alongside Talbot, as he was a determined and big-hearted Coldstreamer who devoted his life to serving his country.

-UK Mirror

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