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By Nneka Okumazie

There are often thoughts that come to mind, questioning the essence of life. There are situations of maximum hopelessness that makes life seem unendurable. There are moments of total shame or impending grand shame that seems impossible to bear.

The struggles of life are like a call to hopelessness – and selfishness. Possessions or privilege are often like a temptation for pride and scornfulness for others. Wickedness is a call to vindictiveness.

The world is yet to be a better place because of the ironic scarcity of compassion, humility and hope.

Somehow, no one is exactly better than anyone, the difference often, is time and chance. There are those who have it easy with what others struggle with, there are those who have it fast or first, or longer. But the commonalities of life show close equality.

Life is temporal and birth is not a waste. The rigidities of the world leave many excluded from opportunities for happiness and hope.

There are things that life took from people they wish it didn’t. There are things that people give up in life. But there are things that life has not taken, that should not be taken by one.
It is hard to not be shaped by experiences in the world. It is difficult to stop unwanted thoughts from coming to mind.

People don’t generally say why they do what they do, or what shaped them to act or speak the way they did, but they sometimes act or speak in ways that affect others coldly – without considering if it was deserved, or how it would feel, or what it would stoke.

Life is hard is the excuse for ensuring that others go through hardship.
Life is hard should have made the world a more compassionate, helpful and humble place, but life is hard is the tower that everyone often ensures everyone goes through before getting anything.

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Everyone has some fault. No one loves everyone else enough. No one is compassionate enough to strangers. No one is totally kind to everyone – in need of kindness – they meet.
Yes, it is true that people are careful to help because of deception, wickedness, panhandlers, etc.

But in staying too guarded, help that is necessary can be missed, doubted or dismissed.
There are too many standards in life. There is so much to conform to and there are many of the so-called enforcers who are lenient on themselves and their loved ones, but apply the rules, ruthlessly to others.

The material/emotional standard of this world, that everyone leaves, is flawed. It is better to make space – in the heart – for hope and be firm in it, rather than fall into deceit of being swayed by what others seem to have, or why they seem better.

Being in this world is hope. No matter how bad, the mind should be reminded of that. Yes, there are so many unanswered questions or unsatisfactory answers about the world, situations, challenges, issues, mistakes, tragedy, etc. But it is better to stay hopeful.
Sometimes, no one can solve the problem of others, but no one must be sent away hopeless and in despair. Life is hard, but life is hope.

It is better to not judge others. It is better to not be negative. It is better to not shred the hopes of others. That something did not work out for someone at a time does not mean another’s would fail.

There is not supposed to be hopeless shame in struggles rather everyone should try to have shameless hope.

Scornfulness of people struggling is often by those who hardly have anything personal to be happy about.

Life is physical but thoughts and whatever controls thoughts aren’t often physical.
Yes, many think it is hard to believe in JESUS, because they want Him to come physically to rescue.

But submitting to JESUS, praying, and watchfulness can be potent in the complications of life.
Life is so fragile, it is better to always ask the Lord GOD for mercy and compassion.
[Psalm 25:18, Look upon mine affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins.]