Drop valueless appointees, Cleric advises Gov. Lalong



Gov. Lalong

Rev. Fr. David Ajang, Chaplain, Plateau Government House Chapel, has advised Gov. Simon Lalong to drop all political appointees that did not add value to his first term in office.

Ajang gave the advice in his sermon at an inter-denominational Church service as part of activities for the inauguration of the governor on May 29.

“There are people who add value and there are people who remove value.

“Be ruthless; those who should go should go, and those who should remain should remain.

“New appointments should be based on merit, if you want posterity to judge you fairly.

“If you show those that under-performed the way out, go a step further to find out why they under-performed and try to address the challenges, if there are, so that the new person will perform,” he advised.

The cleric, whose sermon was on the topic, “second opportunity”, gave five reasons why God gave Lalong another opportunity.

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According to him, God gave Lalong a chance to complete the things he could not complete in the first four years.

“It is for you to generally get better at what you are doing and use your mistakes as a learning opportunity to do better.

“It is also to get the opportunity to make right the things that were wrong.

“And lastly, it is an opportunity to plan your exit,” he said.

Ajang told the governor to target achievable projects to avoid the abandoned projects syndrome where leaders initiate projects that they were sure that they would not complete.

He further advised him not to be distracted by those he would drop and would turn around to abuse him, urging him to rather remain focused and do the right things so that he would not go into oblivion after his tenure.