I will resign if my son seeks House Speaker job - Philippine leader


President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines

President Rodrigo Duterte of Philippines

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said he would resign if his eldest son bids for the speaker-ship of the House of Representatives, having won a seat in the lower chamber of parliament in elections earlier this month, dpa reports.

The 74-year-old leader has asked his son, Paolo, to let him know three days in advance of announcing his bid for the speaker-ship of the House so he can tender his resignation.

“If you run, I will resign.

“There are too many of us. Your sister is mayor of the Southern city of Davao, then the vice mayor is my youngest son.

“If you’re speaker and I’m president, it doesn’t look good,’’ he said in a speech at the presidential palace, addressing Paolo.

Duterte noted that his son usually does not listen to him.

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“If he insists on running, go ahead, let me know three days in advance before you make the announcement and I will tender my resignation,’’ he said.

Paolo Duterte, a former vice mayor of Davao City, was elected congressional representative for the municipality’s first district.

His sister, Sara, won another term as mayor, while their youngest brother Sebastian was elected vice mayor.

Duterte previously warned his daughter against running for president in 2022, amid talk that she was a strong contender for the top post.

“Inday, I’m publicly warning you. The presidency will not educate you, it will just destroy you,’’ Duterte told newsmen, calling his daughter by her nickname.

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