Lagos has many challenges that have power to consume us - Sanwo-Olu

Sanwo-Olu acknowledges the crowd

Governor Sanwo-Olu

Sanwo-Olu acknowledges the crowd

By Kazeem Ugbodaga

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Wednesday said he agreed that Lagos has many challenges that have the power to consume the state.

He Spoke while delivering his acceptance speech at his swearing-in as the 15th Governor of Lagos at the Tafawa Balewa Square, TBS, on Lagos Island, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

According to him, “as I conclude, I agree that Lagos has many challenges before it, challenges that have the power to consume us. We must therefore be prudent, yet not afraid to act, to ensure that this large population enjoys the economic prosperity and social security that our developmental agenda has to offer.

“We have, without doubt, been placed here at a momentous time. Let us make the most of what God has given us. We cannot afford to do less than that.”

Sanwo-Olu vowed that he would serve the public cause with his utmost ability and commitment, stressing that with the help of Lagosians, his administration would make Lagos greater still.

The governor said his swearing-in marked the beginning of a new chapter in the state’s journey to greatness, urging Lagosians to join him on this journey to awaken a Greater Lagos.

“When we speak of a Greater Lagos, we speak not empty words. It is a deep and profound assertion we mean. We intend to make history by making for ourselves and our children a better future. Therefore, on this day, on this precious land we call our home, let us stand together in the very face of history.

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“Let us vow to ourselves, and to posterity that we shall not just dream of a Greater Lagos. Let us agree this day that we shall collectively rise up to build the Lagos of our dreams. We need not be discouraged by the challenges that may be apparent. Today is an opportunity for us to forge ahead in our quest for a Greater Lagos.

“It is possible? No one should ever underestimate the spirit of Lagos and the resilience of its people. Yes, hard problems may confront us, but we will also confront them. Every problem will lose its potency to our unity. Therefore, Lagosians, in this new chapter of our lives, we need not cry or fret. We are united by our common purpose of a Greater Lagos and fulfilling future.

“Posterity has given us this day to commence our journey to greatness. We need to envision the glorious end of working together, tirelessly and committedly, towards achieving a Lagos of our dreams. By our individual and collective efforts and the Grace of God, these dreams will become a reality,” he said.

According to Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos story had been of successes and achievements, saying that since 1999, its tradition of progressive governance had set the state apart and strengthened people’s belief in our ideology.

“And that is the very reason I stand before you on this historic day as your Governor. While we celebrate the victory of progressive governance and democracy, tomorrow we must be ready to stand on guard and be fully vigilant. Democracy and progressive governance hold only to the extent that we protect and nurture them. While Lagos glimmers as a beacon of progressive and quality governance, our nation now undergoes a historic battle to establish progressive and just governance.

“Lagos must again rise and help lead this nation to fuller progress and to a closer realization of the greatness that exists within all Nigerians. This inauguration symbolizes such an awakening. Today, I stand before you as your governor, but also as your friend, brother; neighbour and your servant. I stand here to ask that you join me to script and fashion this greater Lagos with the creativity of our minds.”


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