Pidgin English: 'I no invove for any plane accident' - Obasanjo

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Obasanjo: I no dey involve in any plane crash
Nigeria former president Olusegun Obasanjo don deny tori say im escape from one plane crash for Lagos on Wednesday.

Di former president tok-tok pesin Kehinde Akinyemi tell BBC say Obasanjo dey im house for Abeoukuta, Ogun state south west of di kontri and im no travel comot.

Dis wan na afta tori begin fly upandan say di former president join oda passengers for one Ethiopian airline wey get challenge as im bin wan land di Muritala Muhammed Airport for Lagos on Wednesday.

Kehinde wey tell BBC Yoruba say Obasanjo even dey im side, increase di volume of di telephone so di tori pesin go hear im voice.

According to Obasanjo, im no enta any plane travel go anywia, im dey house.

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Meanwhile di tok-tok pesin for di Federal Airports Authority for Nigeria, Henrietta Yakubu tell BBC Pidgin say true-true one Ethiopia Airline get problem with landing at first try.

“First attempt to land dem encounter bad weather, di pilot come go up again, try again, e no overshoot di runway.

According to Yakubu everytin dey okay now since oda planes don land since den. She say she hersef just enta Lagos, if di plane overshoot dem for shut down di runway

Local tori pipo bin break tori say di former president plus ova 300 passengers narrowly escape plane crash afta one Ethiopia airline get landing challenge on Wednesday.

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