June 12 is really a day of democracy - Senator Mamora


Senator Mamora.

Senator Mamora.

A former lawmaker who served in the Sixth Assembly, Senator Oloruninbe Mamora, says June 12 is the ideal day for the celebration of democracy in Nigeria.

He stated this on Wednesday during an interview on The Inauguration, which aired live on Channels Television.

“June 12 in terms of democracy is a reflection of a point at a time in history. So it will be separated now, the celebration will still come on June 12 as democracy day.

“Hitherto, this time May 29 has been regarded as Democracy Day from 1999. So there’s a change now to accord the true importance to that day which is June 12.

“It’s not even right to say no celebration (on May 29). It is just a low-key one to separate it from June 12 which is really a day of celebration of democracy, he stated.

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When asked if the declaration of June 12 as democracy day part of a political bargain was, Mamora replied saying: ‘It is not an issue of compensation, its an issue of addressing reality’.

Speaking on the rejection of the Electoral Amendment Bill, Mamora explained that the President has his best reasons for doing so.

According to the former lawmaker, the timing for the bill was wrong considering the closeness to the general elections.

“Mr President must have had his own reservations somehow along the line. To the best of my knowledge, the timing of the amendment in the Electoral Act was one of the issues Mr President mentioned.

Mamora argued that having been a signatory to the ECOWAS position on electoral reforms, the President knew that 6 months or less than 6 months should not be the time for introducing amendments into electoral acts of any member state.