Ndume tasks Buhari on tackling insecurity

Senator Ali Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume

Sen. Ali Ndume (APC-Borno), has urged President Muhammadu Bauhari to accord priority attention to addressing security challenges facing the country, to fast track sustainable social and economic development.

Ndume who spoke at a media interactive session in Maiduguri on Thursday said it is good for Federal Government to leave other things and concentrate on improving security situation in the country.

“Government should leave any other things for now to concentrate on security, any other things are not as important as security.

“Because if a country, family or a town cannot be secured then the people cannot do anything, they cannot farm, go to school, they cannot think well, hospital cannot work securely and patients cannot move freely from one location to another.

“It is important for government to show determination in addressing the issue of security first,” Ndume said.

He further advocated for more proactive measures to end insurgency and banditry in the country.

“This time around; federal government should turn around to change things; draw a time line, give necessary support and marching orders to the security agencies that Boko Haram insurgency should be over in the next two years or six months.

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“Not that they are successfully repelled or substantially degraded, Boko Haram and issues of banditry should be a thing of the past and that should come from the Commander-In-Chief.

“At this level; I do not think the insurgency is a real threat, Boko Haram is no longer a big threat, and they allow it to continue in some black spots which the security agencies know.

“The black spots of Boko Haram are now three namely -Lake Chad fringes, Sambisa Forest and Mandara Mountains.

“The security agencies should live up to expectations and get it done in these three locations even if they have to hire or get whatever it takes to get it done in these locations because security is the number one thing,” he said.

Commenting on North East Development Commission (NEDC), Ndume advised it to give priority attention to the reconstruction of infrastructure and resettlement of communities.

The senator added that greater attention should also be accorded to the provision of livelihood and economic empowerment support to persons affected by the conflict in the North East.

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