Anglican Bishop tasks Nigerian Govt. on education, poverty

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Bishop Godwin Robinson

Bishop Godwin Robinson, Bishop of Lafia (Anglican Communion), has called on the Federal Government to pay more attention to the dwindling standards of education and to fight poverty in the country.

Robinson made the appeal while speaking on the sideline of the Second Session of the Seventh Synod of the Diocese of Lafia on Friday in Abuja.

The government, he noted, must invest more in education, increase funding and ensure that the poorest families were not forced to pay for their children’s schooling.

He said the government should ensure better equipped schools and adequately trained teachers with sufficient support, adding that schools should also have proper governance, including well paid staff.

The cleric said that the government should work directly with the local communities to ensure that the most vulnerable children were in school.

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“Putting policies in place is not enough, there’s need for the government to enforce these policies too. We should focus on the importance of education by providing learning materials and creating local vigilante groups to protect children in school.

“When learning becomes attractive for these children to look forward to every morning, it will stop them from roaming around the streets. The Government needs to return the development of the society by paying more attention to education,” he said.

Robinson urged President Muhammadu Buhari to use his second term to come up with policies that “robustly address the plight of the generality of the citizens so that the confidence of the populace would be restored.”

The cleric called on Nigerians to intensify sensitization on the need for love and understanding among the people.

He said that anyone created by God must be spiritually alive “as trials, tribulations and persecutions had filled the world”.

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