Susan Peters ages gracefully

Susan Peters

Susan Peters

Multiple award winning actress Susan Peters clocked 41 on Thursday and she has every reason to be grateful to God for her life.

The film star shared lovely pictures to mark her big day and wrote beautiful messages to herself below:

I declare God is going before me making crooked places straight. He has already lined up the right people ,the right opportunities and solutions to problems i haven’t had. No person ,no sickness ,no disappointment can stop his plan. What he promised will come to pass,this is my declaration In Jesus Name. Amen

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Happy Birthday To The Queen 👑👑👑

You gave me wisdom I wasn’t ready for, disconnected me from relationships I needed to move from,gave me a clearer vision to see things for what they really were,made me closer to God! Made me fearless, made me less selfish ,made me focused ,made me very Responsible. Suzy P ,I hail thee.

Finishing strong2😇😇😇 Welcome To Chapter 41👑👑👑👑

Susan Peters