Statistics reveals 18% rise in number of Nigerian students in German universities

Nigerian students

Nigerian students

Nigerian students

The number of Nigerian students enrolled in German universities has increased significantly by 18% from 1,667 in 2016/17 Winter Semester to 1,970 in 2017/18 Winter Semester, according to

Latest official statistics indicate that Germany is becoming a more attractive study destination for ambitious students from Nigeria. Enrollment data collected from institutions of higher education in Germany it is found that as of Winter Semester 2017/18 there were 1,970 Nigerian students attending university in Germany.

By contrast, a year before that, as of Winter Semester 2016/17, German universities were home to 1,667 Nigerian students. This is to say that between two consecutive winter semesters 2016/17 and 2017/18 the number of Nigerian students in Germany increased largely by 18%.

In terms of the chosen academic institution, 1,280 were enrolled in Universities, 659 in “technical schools” (referred to as “Fachschule” in Germany) and the remainder of 30 students were attending colleges of theology (theologische Hochschule).

Male students account for the largest part of Nigerian students in Germany, statistics further read. Of the total number of 1,970 students, 1,531 are male while 439 female students.

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Regarding enrollment numbers, Engineering is the top popular German degree for Nigerian students. As of Winter Semester 2017/18, 724 Nigerian students were participating in Engineering courses. As expected, most of them were male students (638 male against 86 female students).

Economics and Social Sciences turned out to be pretty attractive as well. There were 470 Nigerian students pursuing university degrees in these subjects. On the other hand, 343 students were attending Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

In recent years, Germany has experienced a boom in international enrollment, exceeding their goal of enrolling 350,000 international by 2020, three years earlier. Low or no-tuition fee universities, global ranking and excellent future prospects are what most Nigerian students value the most to German universities. In this account, the future for Nigerian students in Germany looks bright and their number is likely to increase still.



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