Olulade star among Nigerian medical graduates at Howard University

Olumide Olulade

Olumide Olulade: shone the brightest of the Nigerians at Howard

Olumide Olulade: shone the brightest of the Nigerians at Howard

Recently, Nigerians made a record at Howard University, with 46 of them among the 96 graduating medical students.Out of the 27 awards, Nigerians also won 16.

Undeniably, the star of the graduating Nigerians was Olumide Olulade, who graduated first in his class in the College of Medicine.

As profiled by newsroom.howard.edu, Olulade followed the path to Howard through the example of family members. His brother graduated with a Howard medical degree in 2008. His mother graduated from the Howard University College of Pharmacy in the class of 1977.

He plans to pursue a career in interventional radiology.

“My mother is the reason I went to medical school. When I finished my Ph.D. and was working as a researcher, she got sick. I realized in that moment that I couldn’t help her at all. It was a turning point. I decided that I wanted to be able to be at the bedside helping people who get sick. I think research is amazing but I realized I wanted to be directly engaged in care.”

Urbanintellectuals.com reported that: “Never before at Howard University or any University in the United States has this happened. These Nigerian students completely dominated the ceremony and made history”.