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Olasunkanmi Temitope Ojudu, Morello for style, who recently unveiled his first music video, ‘System’, is a lawyer, a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Yes, he was called to the bar on 27 November 2018.

Olasunkanmi, according to his father, Senator Babafemi Ojudu, doesn’t want to be a lawyer though he is officially one now. He will rather be a musician, particularly the production aspect of it.

“A couple of weeks ago Sunkanmi , who has taken up the stage name Morello , came to my room early morning in Abuja. ‘Dad I completed my final bar exams yesterday. I did it to satisfy you and mum. I hope to pass but law is not my passion. Music is, and I hope you will support me,’ he said. I mustered enough courage and politeness to say ‘yes, son I will’. What can one do? It is his choice. It is about him. From adolescence he has been fantastic on the piano, saxophone, drums, guitar and many other musical instruments he compelled me to buy for him.”

In this interview, Morello talks about his music.

Tell us about the concept behind the name ‘Morello’.

Morello means black cherry. Black cherry is a fruit that isn’t common. I think I am similar to the black cherry fruit because you can hardly find my kind of person . I am different in many ways.

You are a lawyer but still find a passion in music. How did this love for music start?

My love for music began at the tender age of seven or even earlier than that but I began to play musical instruments at seven.

Which came first, law or music?


How do you intend to combine both law and music?

Right now I am focusing on music but I am sure I would be able to apply my law in my music career. You know I have to write agreements, contracts and MOUs. So much of what I learnt I can apply to the business side of my music.

You just had your debut launch. What was the reception like?

It was more than I expected. Awesome is what I can call it and I am grateful to all those who made it a memorable day.

Has your family always been supportive of your music career especially your dad?

Yes very supportive.

Coming from a family like yours, how were you able to convince your parents to allow you tow the line of music?

I never stopped making music for once. I think this was what made them understand how serious I am about music.

You play the horn quite well. How long have you been playing it?

For about about five years

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How will you qualify your genre of music?

I am tapping into all genres of music so I wouldn’t particularly say I have a genre but I am mostly insterested in afroswing

What is it that separates you from other upcoming singers?

My style is different. I dress Africans. I love African prints. I am a musician and not just an entertainer. I play up to five musical instruments. I produce my music . I write my songs as well. So I am not a fluke. Music for me is not just the fame and the money. It is serious business. I want to make a long lasting impression. I think very few musicians are able to make long lasting impact in Nigeria. I am aiming at that. That is my goal. I want my music to be spoken about and listened to many years to come.

What inspires your songs and who are your strongest influences?

Real life experiences inspire my music. And my strongest influence is donjazyy

Who do you look up to the industry?

Everyone that has done something remarkable in the industry, particularly Fela.

You produce your music yourself, why is this so?

Because I am able to produce my ideas exactly how I have it in my head and in my thought.

Sometimes people can be very critical about upcoming singers, how do you deal with criticism?

I learn from some of the criticisms

The Nigerian entertainment industry comes with a lot of challenges, have you faced any? …. and if not how do you intend to overcome those challenges when they do finally come your way?

I intend to overcome these challenges with patience and continuous self improvement.

Do you intend to collaborate with other artistes soon?…. and if yes, who?

Yes Seun – Kuti

What is your favorite part about this line of work and the least favorite? Why?

My favorite part is the opportunity to make people happy.

What advice would you have for other upcoming artistes?

We need to Keep working hard and keep improving on our craft

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