FRSC to impound bikes, tricycles without number plates


Motorcycles: FRSC warns of impending clampdown on bikes without number plates

Motorcycles: FRSC warns of impending clampdown on bikes without number plates

Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi, the Corps Marshal, Federal Road Safety Corps, has ordered a nationwide clampdown on motorcycles and tricycles without number plates.

The clampdown will begin 1 August.

Oyeyemi said the FRSC is planning the move as it has become difficult to identify such category of vehicles when used to commit traffic and criminal offences.

In a statement issued by Bisi Kazeem, the Corps Public Education Officer, this move because of the need to ensure security of lives and properties of the citizens and reducing the rate of crime.

“Motorcycles and tricycles without number plate are believed not to be captured in the National Vehicle database hence, in the event of a crash or crime, cannot be traced”, Kazeem said.

Kazeem quoted a part of the FRSC Establishment Act that empowers the Corps to clamp down on the bikes and motorbikes.

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“The National Road Traffic Regulations (NRTR) 2012 was made pursuant to section 5(e) of the FRSC (Establishment) Act, 2007 and specifies the type of Identification Number Plates for all categories of vehicles including motorcycles, tricycles and omnibus. Regulations 8 (1a and 1b) also states that “a vehicle may be registered in anyone of the following categories – motorcycles or tricycles.”

“Regulations 39(9) of the NRTR 2012 provides that “All private and commercial vehicles shall as from the commencement of these regulations have on them Vehicle Identification Number Plates referred to in this regulation, and it shall be an offence for any vehicle not to have the said Identification Number Plates.” Vehicles in this context include motorcycles and tricycles.

Kazeem said FRSC Commanding officers nationwide have been mandated to engage the relevant stakeholders and associations to intimate them on the proposed clampdown.

“Public Education Officers have equally been directed to carry out all forms of advocacies to sensitize the riders on the need to register their motorcycles and tricycles.

“The general public has also been advised to desist from patronizing motorcycles and tricycles without number plates as they stand the risk of being abandoned in times of crash or crime”.

It will be recalled that the National Vehicle Identification Scheme has immensely aided the recovery of stolen vehicles and track down perpetrators of such act. The clampdown, in collaboration with other security agencies, will help in the reduction of crimes to further bring down the rate of insecurity.