Desist from suicidal acts, NRC boss cautions train commuters, residents of Lagos

Nigerian train
Mr Fidet Okhiria,, Managing Director, Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC)

Mr Jerry Oche, Lagos Railway District Manager (RDM) on Saturday advised intending train passengers to desist from all suicidal acts while using train services in the state.

Oche, who gave the advice in Lagos, said that trains were not the last resort to transportation.

“We have not relented in our efforts to always warn and caution people either on board trains or those along rail track to desist from acts that are injurious to their lives.

“If the train is filled up and you feel you cannot get a seat, return your ticket and collect your money if you cannot wait for the next train.

“If you then have the right to return your ticket and collect your money, why risk your life.

“Yes, l want to encourage people to use the train but not at the expense of their lives. There are other means of transportation.

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“Is it not somebody that is alive that will talk about reaching his destination, is it not somebody alive that will talk about using the train the next day.

“If l am asking everyone to come use the train and they climb and fall and die or maimed, l have lost a customer. The society loses, the family loses and they are gone forever.

“The train is not the last resort, though it is the cheapest, fastest if you talk of Lagos traffic, but please there is no substitute to life,” he said.

Oche said that, in any case of derailment or accident, people on the roof of the train were the ones usually affected.

“We are very much concerned about our passengers, we appeal to the train roof top riders to desist, although the corporation is working out new strategy to ensure people stop this suicidal act.

“We appreciate the effort of this present government on the standard gauge, this will help in curbing this act,” the NRC boss added.

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