Protests in Paris over killing of women

Wife battery, domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Violence against women

Sequel to report of violence against women in Paris, a demonstration was held on Saturday to protest the tragic trend.

Unofficial numbers were released this week showing over 70 women were killed by their partners or ex-partners since the start of the year.

Actress Muriel Robin accused French President, Emmanuel Macron, of inaction, saying that violent partners had ruined the lives of women and children for far too long.

“So, I ask Emmanuel Macron: How much is the life of a woman worth?

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“Nothing is being done; it is shameful,’’ she told the broadcaster Franceinfo.

Women’s rights groups in France have criticised the treatment that victims receive from the French police.

They have demanded a dedicated office for violence against women at every police station.

The numbers of deaths have been estimated by activists using social media.

The last official estimates are from 2017 and put the number at 130 for the year.

German Police authorities estimated that 147 women were killed by their partners or ex-partners in 2017.