Prince Harry turns against the media again

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Prince Harry

Prince Harry: hostile to the media
Prince Harry is becoming “suspicious and unfriendly towards the media,” according to a former royal editor.

Tim Ewart, who worked for ITV and covered the royals for nearly a decade until 2017, said that when Harry first began to carry out duties, he was cautious and on occasion, hostile of the press.

Speaking on Yahoo UK’s ‘The Royal Box,’ he said: “He [Harry] would turn his back to the cameras, he wouldn’t respond, but I think gradually that greatly improved and relations became much, much more relaxed.”

Ewart recalls Harry’s first official trip representing the Queen in the Caribbean in 2012, when he was at his most relaxed and made everybody laugh when he won a race against Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt.

But in recent months, he says the Duke of Sussex has “turned against the media again big time.”

Ewart continues: “It’s simply because of what he perceives as media treatment of Meghan.

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“He perceives it as being hostile, unfair, unreasonable, bordering in his mind, on racist.”

Tim Ewart says Harry has turned against the media again. [Photo: Getty]

Early into his and Meghan Markle’s relationship in 2016, Prince Harry issued an unprecedented statement, speaking out against the media’s “abuse and harassment” of his then-girlfriend.

Ewart adds: “As far as he’s [Harry] concerned, it’s happening all over again. She’s [Meghan] being hounded, she’s being unfairly criticised, stuff about her past and her family is being brought out which he regards as being an intrusion of privacy.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated their son baby Archie’s christening last Saturday, which took place in a private chapel at Windsor Castle.

The couple did not allow the media to film their arrival at the service but issued two photographs afterwards – one as a family of three and the second, a family portrait.