Shame: Apostle Suleman deletes false tweet on herdsmen, offers no apology


Apostle Suleman: deletes fake tweet on Fulani herdsmen

Apostle Suleman: deletes fake tweet on Fulani herdsmen

Apostle Johnson Suleman has deleted his misleading and false tweet claiming that herdsmen image appeared on Nigeria’s new passport.

Displaying a blurred page of the passport purportedly showing Fulani herdsmen image, Suleman wrote: ”That’s the new Nigeria passport, it now has herdsmen inscribed in it. It’s shameful that a certain extraction now represents a nation with 6 geopolitical zones, everything is now very clear. God will frustrate every evil agenda in Nigeria. Job 5v12, Eccl 8v11.”

No sooner he posted the false information than he was corrected by a follower on Twitter, who told him that the passport is pan-Nigerian and not biased to Fulani herdsmen.

P.M.NEWS has perused a 32-page Nigerian passport issued in June this year. It contains major landmarks in Abuja, the Gate to the capital, National Assembly, Zuma Rock, cultural dancers, horsemen during durbar, Eyo Festival and so on.

(This was the link to Suleman’s wrongful tweet: It now leads to nowhere)

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Well, Suleman was unapologetic for his error and indeed stirred a new controversy when he ignorantly said cattle rearing is not agriculture.

“I responded to someone by saying rearing cattle isn’t the definition of agriculture..I still repeat it…agriculture is too elaborate for you to streamline it to cattle pls keep retweeting my earlier tweet if you like.i will stand by it,” he said.

In another tweet, he justified why he spun the false line about herdsmen:

“I love fulanis..there are good ones with a great heart.very nice and loving fulani men/women..but this herders are doing so much damage to that extraction.”.

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