Team Nigeria crash out of Africa Individual Chess Championships

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Chess game

The sole surviving member of the Nigerian team for Day 3 of the ongoing Africa Individual Chess Championships in Tunisia, 22-year-old International Master (IM) Anwuli Daniel, has crashed out of the day’s competition.

Daniel stood tall against all odds as he battled Tunisian IM Zaibi Amir, until they both agreed to a standstill.

The development earned the young Nigerian a draw in the contest of young International Masters but he continues in the competition.

Zambia had in between Day 1 and Day 3, two wins, a draw and a loss, kicked off with IM Andrew Kayonde defeating the Nigerian IM Balogun Oluwafemi in a contest of ideas in space, piece management, minor pieces, strategy and the likes.

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Unfortunately, the Nigerian could not matchup to the intensity of the Zambian and had to resign when it became unfitting for an IM to remain seated.

And the second win coming from IM Chumfwa Stanley, who defeated Ethiopia’s FIDE Master (FM) Mesfin Leykun, who felt he should have got something out of the game on the day.

Other interesting battles to look out for are IM Andrew Kayonde against IM Fy Rakotomaharo in a repeat from Cote D’Ivoire last year, Young IM Anwuli Daniel against the veteran GM Hamdouchi Hicham in a veteran vs youngster matchup.

Cote D’Ivoire’s sole representative FM Degondo Simplice Armel taking on Algeria IM Arab Adlane, Zambia’s FM Douglas Munenga D against South Africa’s FM Klaasen Calvin John and Zim IM Makoto Rodwell who takes on Nigeria FM Oragwu Chukwunonso.

Day 2 of the championships turns Nigeria’s affair as Team Nigeria did not lose any game it featured in.