COZA saga: Timi Dakolo's pastors calling my father to stop investigation - Kemi Olunloyo


Fatoyinbo, Dakolos and Olunloye
Photo: Inform Nigeria

Fatoyinbo, Dakolos and Olunloyo
Photo: Inform Nigeria

Controversial blogger, Kemi Olunloyo has alleged that Singer, Timi Dakolo’s pastors have called her 84-year old father seeking to stop her investigation into the rape saga involving Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) and Busola Dakolo.

Busola had alleged that Fatoyinbo raped her 20 years ago and came out openly to tell the whole world so, but Fatoyinbo had denied the allegations.

In a new twist to the matter, Olunloyo on Dakolo’s Instagram page, while reacting to his statement, said nobody could threaten her and that she would go ahead with the investigation.

She wrote: “Mr Dakolo, Busola was never raped. You are not telling the truth. Yemi Adamolekun lied on live TV about my DM you released to Gloria the blogger/meatseller. There is no timeline whatsoever in her rape allegations, police just told me you filed your case after the interview, my advice to you is to withdraw your case before these fierce COZA lawyers come for you.

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“Also tell your pastors never to call my father again. Nobody is going to stop me from finishing my investigation. “An Igbo Journalist is threatening Kemi in a pastor case about Fatoyinbo” Take your pathetic lies and foolishness far far away from my 84 year dad.

“I’m an investigative journalist and come for the truth not taking sides, not neutral. The angle of your pastor, TD Jakes and Fatoyinbo is the subject of my investigation now. Why will a Pastor from HOTR call my father trying to back me off from an investigation?

“Do I tell them how to do their jobs? Your organized attempt to blackmail and extort @biodunfatoyinbo is now looking clear. Come out and interview with a credible journalist not one that cries more than the bereaved. I will release my father’s phone call to the public naming the exact pastor who called him and possibly using you and your spouse as a tool of the DEVIL.”

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