Nigerian arrested in India with cocaine

Anayo Jobest arrested for cocaine

File: Just for illustration Anayo Jobest arrested for cocaine

Anayo Jobest: arrested for drug possession. Photo:

A 52-year-old Nigerian has been arrested by police in Palghar district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. He was arrested with 25 grams of cocaine worth about $700.

The Nigerian, identified as Anayo Jobest was arrested last Thursday while travelling in a cab near Kings Resort situated at Sasunavghar (Vasai) on Mumbai Ahmadabad Highway.

Police officers on the highway asked the cab driver to stop the car. And when they searched the accused, they recovered a pouch which contained cocaine worth around Rs 2.5 lakh.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the Anayo Jobest was living in New Mumbai in Vashi, south of where he was arrested.

He has been booked and will soon face trial.

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